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Creative Design Resource Center

The objective of our Creative Design Resource Center is three fold. One, to assist creative professionals to access creative design resources like creative graphic designs and Indian images / photographs. Two, to assist creative professionals to buy creative designs and stock images / photos. Third, we want to assist creative professional like graphic designers, models and photographers (professional and amateurs) to generate income from buying and selling their copyright designs and images by showcasing their work on our website. What more? They can also get additional business from the people who like their work. In other words, we are trying to kill a number of birds with one stone.


Our creative design library will store creative graphic designs of creative professionals like graphic designers, visualisers and art directors including our company’s designs. Currently, a large number of designs which we have developed over a period of time are part of the library. Some of these designs were finally selected by our clients while there are others which were submitted as  part of the options given to the  clients to choose from.


We are all aware that there is a shortage of Indian stock images which is a constraint for creative professionals. As such, we are creating a Indian stock image and photo library. The intent of our photo bank is to try and assemble at one place, Indian stock images and photos. Our photo library will consist of Indian images and photos shot by professional and amateur photographers as well as enthusiasts. In addition, we want to also gain access to images of Indian models which they have shot as a part of their portfolio. We are giving photographers and models a platform to generate revenue from their copyright Indian images and photos. What more. If the visitor to our site likes the image of a model or a photographer, they can hire the model and / or the photographer for their photoshoot. We offer a win-win solution. Creative professionals get access to a large database of Indian stock images while models and photographers can earn money from the creative asset.


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