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As one of top websites for creative designing and creative resources for creative professionals, we invite models, and photographers (individuals, hobbyists and amateur/professional photographers) to post their stock images / stock photos and other images for which they hold the copyright here. We have recently launched a STOCK IMAGES module where 20 images of yours will be uploaded FREE. Additional images will be uploaded at Rs. 5/image for 1 year. You will have the following benefits:

Sell Images / Stock Photos / Photo Bank / Photo library

We offers you an opportunity to generate income from your stock images and stock photography, an asset you have created after spending time, effort and money. We want to turn it into a lifetime source of revenue for you. So what are you waiting for. Contact us immediately at and upload your stock images in our photo bank and photo library.

Modelling Assignments

After seeing your images and portfolio, you can also get modelling assignment or advertising agencies of businesses can hire you as a model.

Photography Assignments

After seeing your images and portfolio, you can also get photography assignment or assignment for photo shoots by advertising agencies of businesses.

Direct Dealing. No Middlemen

You.will directly deal with whoever wants to buy rights to use your images or hire you for modeling assignments or for a photo shoot. You will be in total control..

No Risk

This is a risk free proposal as the original images will always remain in your custody. Only low resolution images will be loaded on our website. Also, you are in direct control as you will deal with the buyer directly.

No Mandatory Commission / FEE

You will not have to pay any commission or fee to us when you strike a deal for your images, modelling assignment or photo shoot. However, in case you are happy with our service and would like to encourage us for our effort, you may VOLUNTARLY send us 10% of the contract amount. We again repeat, there is NO MANDATORY FEE for this service. Our terms and conditions are subject to change at our discretion.

This is a great opportunity for models, individuals, hobbyists and amateur/professional photographers to earn from their images. By submitting your images at our websites, you can generate a steady stream of income on an investment from where you are not getting any return.

How it will work?

All queries for rights to use or buy your images as well as any modeling assignments will be passed on to you.  You will deal directly with the party who wants to use/buy your images or wants to hire you for modeling assignments. As mentioned above, there is no mandatory fee that you have to pay to us when you strike a deal.

Please note that we are not responsible for any loss or damage that you may suffer from any of the customers that you negotiate a deal. We are also not responsible for the the behaviour of such customers as we do not have any verification process for the same. We are also not responsible for anybody downloading you image and using it. We will only ensure that the image has a copyright sign imposed on it. It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to verify each others background, financial position and take a decision. We are just getting the buyers and sellers together. The buyer and seller is expected to settle the terms and conditions of the purchase / sale between themselves.

If interested in submitting your images and need more information, please contact us at

In case, you want to send your images(Format: Jpeg file Size: Max 200KB) to us to upload, options are given below:

(a) 20 or Less Images: If you want to send 20 images or less, please send them to us in low resolution .jpg format at

(b) More than 20 images: If you want to send us more than 20 images,

* Please send the images to us in low resolution .jpg format at

* Also, please send payment by cheque in favour of Merx Equity Printers, K-2 B, Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi 110024 at Rs. 5/- per image towards uploading fee of images in excess of 20.

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