PURPOSE:The purpose of our image source is as follows:

(a)  Create a source for the MODELS to earn from their photographs without the middlemen. Also, To create an opportunity for models to get more To provide cost effective resource for the industry and creative professionals for images.

(b)  To provide a cost effective platform for AMATEUR AND PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS to display their images and turn it into money generating assets.

(c) To provide a cost effective platform for HOBBY PHOTOGRAPHERS to display their images and turn it into money generating assets.

The potential customer will contact the owner of the image directly and negotiate the terms and conditions for use of the image. We will have no direct involvement. Since we buyer would be contacting the owner of the image, we do not do any verification. As such, both the buyer and the seller need to make their own determination as whether they should enter into a contract or not. Since we do not verify, we are also not responsible for any loss that the buyer or seller may suffer for any reason. We are just getting the buyer and seller together.

VOLUNTARY FEE:  We do not charge a mandatory fee. However, we do hope that the buyer and seller will VOLUNTARILY give us 5% of the contract amount and send us a cheque in favour of MERX RQUITY PRINTERS, M-53, Lajpat Nagar II, 2nd Floor, New Delhi 110024.

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COPYRIGHT: All images displayed are copyrighted and are owned by the owner whose name and contact details are given below.


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